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Pales’ mission is to develop cost-effective high-tech self-powered wearable devices and software for continuous monitoring of animals health. Pales products are built by integrating IoT, Energy harvesting, Cloud and AI technologies. Farmers and veterinaries are automatically notified when issues are detected so that they can give more attention to those animals in need. Our products are able to monitor continuously animal body temperature, proximity to other animals and activity levels.

Body Temperature

Nowadays it is common practice to measure the (rectal) temperature of the animals only in case of sickness (typically when prompted by the veterinary). This practice is not only time-consuming for the farmer and invasive for the animal, but is also insufficient for preventive health monitoring. However, temperature measurement can play an extremely important role in the early detection of diseases (still in sub-clinical stage), thus enabling an early intervention of the farmer and/or veterinary. Cattle fever is typically the first sign of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), showing up 24-72 hours before visual signs, such as depressed appetite and dehydration. Early intervention means a faster recovery for the animal, lower treatment costs, reduced losses for the farmer. 

Proximity Mapping

In addition to contact tracing for modelling spreading diseasesproximity sensors are useful for detecting social interactions and thus animal behaviour and welfare. For example, regrouping, or the introduction of new animals into the herd, is a common problem on farms. The animals suffer a period of stress that can turn into social isolation, resulting in reduced production and decreased efficiency of the immune system.

Activity Levels

Accelerometers are able to detect key physiological events such as heat or farrowing. For example, cows in heat will reduce feed intake and subsequently the rumination and will increase daily steps. Another example: sow farrowing is characterized by a frenetic activity of few hours representing the building of the nest. After this, sows don’t move at all, they are ready to deliver the piglets.

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Together with our partners suppliers and veterinary universities, we are working hard to serve our customers in 2023.

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