Animal Health Monitoring, at the next level

Our Value

For Animals

We discover their sickness before farmers can even notice it. Their health and welfare is our main goal.

For Farmers

We help them reducing treatments costs and herd mortality, offering health 24/7 monitoring solutions.

For Veterinaries

We connect them to their animals and farmers in a seamless way. Data-driven diagnosis are faster and more accurate.

For Society

We help minimizing use of antibiotics, increasing transparency and quality of intensive livestock farming.

In the ancient roman religion, Pales was the deity protecting shepherds, flocks and livestock. After 2000 years, Pales’ mission is the same: improve animals’ welfare and make livestock farmers more profitable.

Why Pales?

Preventive health monitoring enables data-driven intervention, minimized use of antibiotics, reduced losses and improved margins. 


While farmers can focus only on the animals that need more attention, we monitor them all. 


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